Charlotte Airport Terminal and Concourses

Charlotte Airport has one Main Terminal divided in 6 Concourses: A, A North, B, C, D and E.

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Transfer between concourses

You can get to any of the airport concourses by foot, since Charlotte Airport is a compact airport.

Concourses A through E surround the main terminal, therefore there's no need for a shuttle service.

You can transfer between concourses within 10-15 minutes.




Charlotte Airport is split into two levels:


- First level: This is the arrivals level. This level contains baggage carousels A1, A2, A3, B, C, D and E. Available services: ATM machine, information counter and concessions.


- Second level: This is the departures and the check-in level. Available services: security checkpoints for each concourse. Available services: Food, drink, retail concessions, ATMs. This level also contains The Atrium, which stands for a glass-enclosed structure located within this level. It is surrounded by many services and concessions: A chapel in its upper level and an USO lounge.




Charlotte Airport consist of 6 concourses as follows:



Concourse A

It has 12 gates, from A1 to A13.

You can access to Concourse A through the ticketing level (First level).

It has some restaurants, one shop, ATM machine and two charging stations.

Please bear in mind that American Airlines does not fly from and to this concourse.



At Concourse A operate the following airlines:

- Air Canada

- Delta Air Lines

- Frontier Airlines

- JetBlue

- Southwest Airlines

- United Airlines

- Via Airlines



Concourse A North

Concourse A North was planned to be a separate terminal in order to host international services, but it ended as an extending concourse of Concourse A, which opened in 2016.


It is expected that an expansion will be done in two phases, the first one was opened in Spring 2018 and brought 9 new gates. The second one it is planned to begin in 2020, including 16 additional gates.



Concourse B

It has a total of 16 gates numbered from B1 to B16. In 2016, there were added 10 additional boarding gates.

This concourse is accessible from The Atrium, located in the upper level.

It has various charging stations, an ATM cash machine, some restaurants and shops.



Concourse B is only used by American Airlines.



Concourse C

It has a total of 18 gates, named from C2 to C19.

This concourse is also accessible from The Atrium.

It has various charging stations, an ATM cash machine, some restaurants and shops. The American Airlines and Admirals Club is located next to Concourse C.



At Concourse C only operates American Airline Flights.



Concourse D - International

Concourse D serves as the International Concourse at Charlotte Airport without customs preclearance.

It has a total of 13 gates numbered from D1 to D13.

This concourse is accessible from the tickieting level (First level).

It has various charging stations, an ATM cash machine, currency exchange, some restaurants and shops, and currency exchange service.



The airlines that operate at Concourse D are American Airlines and Lufthansa.



Concourse E

Concourse E has a total of 38 gates numbered as follows: E1-E34, E35a-b, E38a-b.

This concourse is accessible from the ticketing area (First level).

The concourse has various charging stations as well as some restaurants and shops. It is located the American Airlines Assistance Customer.



Only American Airlines operates from the concourse managing more than 340 flights daily.



Future expansion - New International Concourse (Concourse F)

It is planned to built a New International Concourse (F) in the rental car are during next years and it is expected to provide the concourse with 20-25 gates.




See attached the available airlines in Charlotte Airport terminal




Family restrooms are located close to gates A6, B4, C7, D5, E5, E15 and Arrivals / Baggage area Zones B, E. The Chapel, USO, TSA Pre-Check and Mother’s Room are located in the Departures / Ticketing area.

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Airport lounges

Charlotte Airport has at their passengers' disposal the following lounges:

- American Airlines Admirals Club: Location: Concourse B, Airside, between Gates 3 and 5.

- American Airlines Admirals Club: Location: Concourse C, Airside, intersection of C and D concourses.



Military Lounge

The USO lounge offers active militaries and their families can enjoy for free during they stay in Charlotte Airport. The lounge is equipped with books, magazines, TV, child care area, free internet connection, food and drink concessions, etc.


Location: The Atrium, Second level. Opening hours: From 06:00 a to 10:00 pm.