CATS stands for the Charlotte Area Transit System, which is the local public transport authority.


Present & Future

CATS plans to build an airport rail link from uptown to the airport on the next decade. The project is part of a rail expansion comprised between USD 5 to 7 billion.


See the bus services operated by CATS:


-Airport Connector

There are 3 routes which let passengers transfer from and to Charlotte Airport in a quick and convenient way.


See the information displayed below for further information:


-Route 5 Sprinter

Sprinter is the Charlotte Area Transit System, CAT), express bus that serves the route Charlotte Airport – downtown via Wilkinson Boulevard.


By Route 5 Sprinter, transfer safe and sound from Charlotte Airport to downtown.


Opening hours: From 05:05 am to 22:54 pm (Monday to Friday), from 05:05 am to 00:55 am (Saturday to Sunday).

Frequency: Every 20 minutes (Monday to Friday), every 30 minutes (Saturday and Sunday).

See schedule and fares/passes here



-Route 590 Airport Connector – Northlake (Northern route)

By Route 590 it is possible to transfer from Charlotte Airport to Northlake Mall Park and Ride. 

Opening hours: From 04:50 am to 22:25 pm, 24/7.

Frequency: Every 30 minutes.

See schedule and fares/passes here.

In order to board this bus Express bus fare is required.



-Other lines

Route 60 – Tyvola Road

Route 60 route just runs from LYNX Tyvola Station (light-rail station) to the main terminal in Charlotte Airport.


Opening hours: From 05:09 am to 22:45 pm (Monday to Friday), from 05:16 am to 22:51 pm (Saturday), From 05:15 am to 22:35 pm (Sunday).


Frequency: Every 30 minutes.


See schedule and fares/passes here.




Departures are done at Zone D, Baggage Claim area.



The general fare for boarding any of the presented buses is USD 3.00.


Where can I buy my ticket?

You can purchase your ticket on board to the driver.