Charlotte Airport Informational Guide to Charlotte Airport (CLT) - NON OFFICIAL

Charlotte Airport Taxi

Get to downtown Charlotte in just 17 minutes by taxi from Charlotte Airport. 

To use the taxi service, passengers may prearrange their journey to the available taxi companies displayed below.


Taxis can be found outside all 6 concourses Baggage Claim Areas, at the curbside.

In order to use the taxi service, there is an attendant ready to help passengers from 06:45 am to 00:15 am.

taxi Companies

See below the available Taxi Companies in Charlotte Airport:

- City Cab: +1 704-333-3327
- Crown Cab: +1 704-334-6666
- Green Cab: +1 704-777-1117
- Yellow Cab: +1 980-785-1405


There are different rates depending on the destination and travel time.

See below the established taxi fares in Charlotte Airport:

- Drop Charge: USD 2.50 (no mileage)
- Mileage rate: USD 0.50 per each 1/5 mile
- Time rate: USD 0.50 per minute

The average rate to transfer to downtown Charlotte is USD 25.00.

*take into account that fares may change. 


Uber, Lyft and Cab Hound are available in Charlotte Airport.

For passengers that want to use the service, it is advised to download the application to the smartphone first. 


If you wish to transfer to and from Charlotte Airport on your own, there are several transfer companies available within the airport premises.

Book your transfer through our site, it is easy and fast to use!